Blog Post | October 10, 2018

Medicare Advantage Supplemental Benefits Coverage and Palliative Care Take Center Stage at Upcoming AHIP Expert Panel

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has finalized guidance and policies for the Medicare Advantage (MA) program that will expand the supplemental benefits afforded to beneficiaries to include items and services that address certain social determinants of health (SDOH). Supplemental benefits will include additional services that increase health and improve quality of life, including coverage of non-skilled in-home supports and other assistive devices. Now, MA plans will have greater flexibility to expand existing coverage to address SDOH as part of a growing evolution towards promoting value-based care and population health management.

Learn from the Experts

Gain timely, relevant insights from industry thought-leaders and experts about the new CMS changes and why palliative care is now a hot topic for health plans and ACOs:

Moderated by Greer Myers, president, Turn-Key Health, panelists include:

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the past and present efforts by Medicare Advantage plans to improve quality of life for those members suffering from a serious or advanced illness.
  • Gain perspectives on the history, current and future state of regulatory and legislative efforts to improve quality within this fragile population.
  • Hear about some of the practical lessons learned during implementation of palliative solutions, as well as innovative approaches to engage advanced and seriously ill populations.
  • Get important insight into leveraging the reinterpreted scope of primarily health related supplemental benefits for Medicare Advantage as it relates to the provision of palliative care.
  • Appreciate the acknowledgment and specific mentioning of palliative care being delivered by nurses and social workers, traditionally not reimbursed by Medicare.
  • Understand the value of enabling nurses and social workers to participate in the delivery of palliative care, and how their participation functionally increases the reach and frequency of contact with patients and their caregivers.

Creating and Optimizing a Palliative Medical Home

The expert panel will reveal the keys to maximizing the benefit of this new model:  earlier identification of appropriate patients using predictive analytics / AI, systematic engagement of patients using scientifically validated approaches and longitudinal tracking of patient and caregiver quality of life improvement.

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