Easing the Economic Burdens and Stresses of Serious Illnesses for Members and Family Caregivers

Palliative Illness Management -- PIM™ helps Medicare beneficiaries and individuals enrolled in select private and government health plans nationwide.


Conversations About Choices and Quality of Life

When members and family caregivers need to make decisions about treatment options or reach out for recommendations to improve symptoms, they can turn to our specially trained palliative care for additional support.

With expertise in caring for people with serious illness, these professionals develop an individualized treatment and care plan based on member and family values and goals. Plans are communicated and coordinated with other healthcare providers to ensure member preferences are known and respected.


Access to Care and Services

Palliative care teams coordinate access to care, including referrals to community-based resources and services to ensure that medical and social needs are met. These additional support services relieves stress and result in high member satisfaction with care and services.


Supporting Care in the Home or Community

Palliative Illness Management (PIM™) is a model of care that focuses on patient-centered services and support for family caregivers. Evaluations and assessments are conducted in the member’s home by nurses and social workers who are experts in caring for people with serious illness.

Relieving Caregiver Burden and Stress

We appreciate that family caregivers are an important part of the care team, and recognize their need for additional support. The palliative care team reduces the burdens and stresses for caregivers by coordinating access to healthcare services, discussing care options, and communicating with providers. Sensitive, personalized support for decision-making can also include spiritual guidance.