Press Release | September 20, 2019

Turn-Key Health Empowers Payers and Physicians to Improve Patient Experience and Outcomes – AHIP Medicare, Medicaid, & Dual Eligibles Conference

PHILADELPHIA – September 20, 2019 –Turn-Key Health (TKH), an Enclara Healthcare company, serving health plans, provider organizations and their members who experience a serious or advanced illness, will participate at the National Conferences on Medicare, Medicaid & Dual Eligibles, Sept. 22 – 26, 2019, Washington, D.C. Turn-Key will share insights and strategies for supporting payors and physicians that are managing a growing number of seriously ill members, and help them to utilize community-based palliative care (CBPC) resources that provide a better patient experience and improved outcomes.

“Caring for a burgeoning Medicare population places increased demands on all stakeholders, which is further complicated by the shift of care outside the hospital and into the patient’s home,” says Greer Myers, president, Turn-Key.

TKH’s Palliative Illness Management™ (PIM) program starts with the basic tenets of community-based palliative care and wraps them in structure and process. Specialized care teams comprised largely of nurses and social workers use structured assessments for home-based palliative care. This process-driven approach goes beyond the traditional referral model, using predictive analytics to identify patients earlier in the disease trajectory.

“Dedicated care teams provide in-home palliative assessments and interventions designed to extend health plan internal care teams and physician visibility into the member’s home, identifying and filling both clinical and non-clinical care gaps,” says Myers.

For payers, Myers points to the value of specialized and structured CBPC to enable rapid deployment over large geographies and populations, reduce overmedicalization and unplanned care and improve quality while lowering costs.

To learn more about how Turn-Key Health enables better care and improves the patient experience for individuals with a serious or advanced illness visit our blog.

About Turn-Key Health
Turn-Key Health an Enclara Healthcare Company, serves health plans, provider organizations and their members who are experiencing a serious or advanced illness. Its Palliative Illness Management™ (PIM™) model introduces a new, innovative option to improve care quality, address costs and reduce burdens associated with life-limiting illnesses.

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