Press Release | May 13, 2019

Managing End-of-Life as its Own Disease State: John Halsey, Turn-Key Health Presents at May 2019 Population Health Payer Innovations for Medicaid, Medicare & Duals

PHILADELPHIA – May 13, 2019 – Turn-Key Health (TKH), an Enclara Healthcare company, serving health plans, provider organizations and their members who experience a serious or advanced illness, announces that John Halsey, Vice President, Payer Development, will present “Engaging a Medicare Population in Managing End of Life Decisions,” at the fourth annual Population Health Payer Innovations for Medicaid, Medicare & Duals, 11:50 a.m. Wednesday, May 15.

“The gradual expansion in defining end-of-life to extend beyond the last few months will have an impact on the entire healthcare system – especially payers that are managing the quality and cost of care for seriously ill members,” says Halsey. “Going forward, it will be important to treat and manage end-of-life as its own disease state. This is where community-based palliative care (CBPC) is proving to be a better way for payers to improve quality and manage costs for seriously ill members nearing end-of-life.”

This presentation includes a discussion of palliative care models and trends, including:

  • The role of community based palliative care (CBPC) and its iterative models
  • Identification of patients on an end-of-life trajectory
  • Changing landscape and supplemental benefits
  • Hospice carve-in demonstration project
  • Primary Care First — prioritize doctor-patient relationship; enhance care for patients with complex chronic needs and high need, seriously ill patients, reduce administrative burden, and focus financial rewards on improved health outcomes.

Attendees will gain a deeper appreciation of the importance of end-of-life decisions within a Medicare population. Halsey will articulate the value of preparing, discussing options and then coordinating those decisions that can be very valuable to the member, the physician, the family and the health plan.

“Having a formal program with dedicated personnel can provide a key mechanism within a health plan to provide this service and enable the member to better manage their health all the way through life,” he says. “This session will also provide a broader understanding of how to evaluate the population for a palliative care program, implementation considerations and outcome measures.”

Halsey will provide timely updates for payers regarding the value of home-based CBPC as a multidisciplinary approach to specialized care for people with an advanced or serious illness, greater insight into social determinants of health (SDoH), and CMS regulatory and legislative policies to give Medicare Advantage (MA) plans more flexibility and expand the types of services – including palliative care – that can be covered to address SDoH.

“The presentation will also address the Medicare Advantage hospice carve-In which is set to take effect in 2021,” continues Halsey. “The Turn-Key solution aligns with payers, providing more cost-effective home-based care management for members with an advanced illness, engaging hospice at the appropriate time and enabling MA plans to capitalize on new reimbursement guidelines for offering palliative care as a supplemental benefit.

About Turn-Key Health
Turn-Key Health an Enclara Healthcare company, serves health plans, provider organizations and their members who are experiencing a serious or advanced illness. Its Palliative Illness Management™ (PIM™) model introduces a new, innovative option to improve care quality, address costs and reduce burdens associated with life-limiting illnesses.


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