Press Release | May 26, 2016

Turn-Key Health COO Terri Maxwell, Ph.D., APRN, Shares Strategies for Population Health Approaches to Community-Based Advanced Illness Management

PHILADELPHIA –Turn-Key Health, the market leader in end-of-life population health management, announced today that Terri Maxwell, Ph.D., APRN, chief operating officer, will present, “Innovations in Community-Based Advance Illness Care: A Population Health Approach,” to hospice and palliative care providers at leading industry forums across the country. Her presentation will feature preliminary findings from a recent pilot project.

Maxwell will present at:

“With a rapidly aging baby boomer generation, end-of-life care has become a growing priority on healthcare agendas, with more medical professionals and healthcare consumers questioning costly futile treatments,” says Maxwell. “These forums provide fertile ground for presenting end-of-life population health management solutions designed to help healthcare organizations focus on improving the quality of care provided to patients with life-limiting illnesses.”

The presentations will feature preliminary clinical and financial outcomes from an innovative population health community-based advanced illness management (AIM) program provided to members of a Med Advantage plan.  Patients for this program were selected using a proprietary predictive model to identify those with a prognosis of <18 months at risk to receive costly, non-beneficial care at the end of life.

As a result of a phone and home visits by specially trained nurses and social workers:

  • 97 percent of patients engaged in goals of care conversations, with 44 percent changing their code status
  • 95 percent reported moderate to high symptom satisfaction, and all were very highly satisfied with the program
  • None of the patients were re-admitted to the hospitals; 15.4 percent were admitted to hospice, and the savings for the first 105 patients enrolled in the program were estimated at over $47,000 per month.

Maxwell concludes, “These findings confirm that end-of-life health management solutions are the ideal, common sense antidote to the costly and unnecessary end-of-life care that has been practiced for too long in the U.S healthcare system.”

About Turn-Key Health
Turn-Key Health, an affiliate of Enclara Pharmacia, is an end-of-life population health management company that aligns payers, community-based palliative care providers, and members through technology and process to solve the problem of poor quality, low satisfaction, and extreme high cost during the last years of life. Turn-Key Health utilizes payer claims data and predictive analytics to populate its mobile acute illness management (AIM) platform, which instructs and guides the community-based palliative care partners on patient assessments, interventions, and real-time risk stratification. The results are improved quality, higher member satisfaction and decreased expense for the member and payer.

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