Palliative Care Teams

Extending Your Hospice’s Reach Through Value-Based Care Reimbursement Partnerships

Turn-Key Health has developed the first national network of hospice and palliative care organizations which provides community-based palliative care to health plan members. Hospice and palliative care organizations are taking advantage of Turn-Key’s health plan agreements, predictive analytics, and highly systematized program to improve quality of life for individuals facing a serious or advanced illnesses.

Advantages of Partnering with Turn-Key Health:

  • Reimburses hospices for providing nursing and social work led palliative care to patients and their families
  • Connects our network partners with health plans to manage patients facing a serious advanced illness, through our Palliative Illness Management (PIM) program
  • Improves patient quality of life and caregiver satisfaction
  • Enables hospice organizations to provide scalable and effective community-based palliative care
  • Results in appropriate access and earlier election of the hospice benefit

Palliative Illness Management (PIM)

A unique model that improves patient and caregiver quality of life.

Palliative Illness Management (PIM) is an innovative, high-touch in-home program that engages patients to better align their goals of care with their approach to healthcare, which reduces unplanned care and non-beneficial treatment. PIM prioritizes the importance of care in the home by deploying local palliative trained nurses and social workers to engage with patients in the community setting.

Using scientifically validated techniques, assessments, and palliative protocols, together we are able to improve quality of life, reduce caregiver burden, and decrease expense for the patient and the health plan. We partner with palliative care teams to deliver a solution that is patient-centered, data-driven and evidence-based.

PIM delivers a structured, consistent approach to community-based palliative care

  • Augments care management programs, enhances care coordination
  • Addresses disease understanding, decreases unplanned care
  • Memorializes patient goals of care, improves advance care planning
  • Lowers the total cost of care by delivering supportive palliative care earlier in the disease process

Helping Hospices Navigate the Shift to Value-Based Healthcare

Turn-Key Health aligns hospice and palliative care providers, health plans, and patients through technology and process to solve the problem of poor quality, low satisfaction, and extreme high cost during the last years of life.

How our Program Works

Asset 3PlatformPredictive Provider Plan

Plan – Turn-Key Health partners with health plans and hospice providers to structure reimbursement for services and the delivery of community-based palliative care.

Predictive Analytics – Turn-Key Health identifies patients in health plans who are at risk for receiving poor quality, high cost / overmedicalized care in the last 6-12 months of life.

Provider – Our network providers manage patients facing a serious or serious advanced illness prior to electing hospice. Providing in-home and telephonic support for patients and caregivers.

Platform – Turn-Key Health’s Palliative Illness Management (PIM) platform includes proprietary tools and assessments, to guide, track and measure patient and caregiver quality of life improvement.