Palliative Illness Management -- PIM™ – New Model Opens Opportunities for Community-based Palliative Care Teams and Organizations Nationwide

Take advantage of our contracts with health plans and at-risk provider organizations in your state -- deliver Advanced Illness Management to members with life-limiting illnesses.

Become Our Palliative Care Team Partner

Discover the opportunities to affiliate and partner with the Turn-Key Health PIM™ model. We are contracting with health plans and at-risk provider organizations in states from coast to coast, and establishing relationships with our community-based, “in-home specialists.” You are the local professionals who become our resources to support better health plan member interactions and a streamlined on-boarding ramp for patients.

Structured and Consistent Processes

Palliative care organizations appreciate the opportunity to integrate within a broader population health initiative that helps them to manage advanced illness. They also welcome our structured and consistent processes that ensure accurate reporting, and performance metrics designed to match interventions with operational improvements. We meet their expectations in a variety of other ways, including patient/caregiver surveys, assessments and risk scoring.

Members and Family Caregivers Avoid Costly, Inappropriate Interventions

Through our partnerships and relationships with interdisciplinary palliative care teams, PIM™ has the specialized resources to assess and treat symptoms, support decision-making, and help to match treatments to informed patient and family goals. This focused approach, with niche capabilities and expertise for conducting progressive and difficult conversations around quality of life in the remaining months of life, avoids costly, inappropriate – and often unwanted –interventions.

Measurable Savings

Our highly progressive model optimizes pre- and post-acute care. Savings can be measured in reduced hospitalizations, re-admissions, and number of ICU days – with a drop in the average claims cost per member per month.

Recalibrating Population Health Management to Include Community-Based Palliative Care

Effectively Addressing Advanced Illness Requires a Specialized Approach


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