Palliative Illness Management -- PIM™ – Delivers New, Unique Option for Advanced Illness Management

Enables health plans and at-risk providers to improve care quality and reduce economic burdens of life-limiting illnesses.

Key Component of Population Health Management

Flexible, methodical and scalable, PIM™ offers structured and consistent processes that stand alone or plug into current Population Health Management initiatives.
Palliative care professionals – our “local in-home, boots on the ground specialists” – along with complementary, sophisticated predictive analytics, identify and engage individuals with advanced illness who might otherwise go undetected by traditional means.

Generates Measurable Savings

By optimizing pre-and post-acute care, PIM™ reduces hospitalizations, re-admissions, and number of ICU days, resulting in a drop in the average claims cost per member per month.

Supporting the payer transition from a fee-for-service to value-based payment models, PIM™ delivers a positive, significant impact on the overall economic healthcare burden. Shifting the center of care to the home or community places the focus on care coordination and patient-centric services.

Enhances Patient and Family Caregiver Satisfaction

With PIM™, care decisions in advanced illness are primarily driven by the values, goals and preferences of the individual who is ill and his/her family members.

Shared decision-making and skillful communications with patients and families about realistic goals of care mitigate patient and family caregiver financial consequences while improving member/patient satisfaction with care and plan participation.

Meets the Triple Aim of Healthcare

Improves the experience of care: strengthens pain
and symptom control while addressing emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual suffering in life-limiting illness.

Improves the health of populations: offers complex planning and management of advanced illness patients that eases stress for their loved ones.

Reduces per capita costs of health care: streamlines healthcare, avoids undesired or non-beneficial care.

Recalibrating Population Health Management to Include Community-Based Palliative Care

Effectively Addressing Advanced Illness Requires a Specialized Approach


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